How to Correctly Floss Your Teeth

There are a lot of people that think flossing their teeth involves grabbing a piece of floss, and shoving it down in between their teeth then pulling it up. This is a rather ineffective way to floss. Read this article to know the correct way to floss your teeth.

Open your floss and pull off a section about 16 inches long (you need to be able to hold it in both hands).

Wrap each end of the floss around your thumb and index fingers of both hands for a good grip.

Open your mouth and stick the floss in between two of your back teeth, only pressing hard enough to get it to the base of them, just under the gums.

Now, pull the floss with your fingers in the direction of the tooth you want to floss so that it creates somewhat of a semi circle around the side of your tooth.

While slowly moving the floss up and down the side of the tooth,(go below the gums, but not very far) also pull on it with each hand to create a double motion to clean the whole side of the tooth.

Repeat steps 4 through 6 for each side of every tooth.

Visit your dentist every 6 months, and surprise him/her with your excellent flossing skills.
Most people like to floss in front of a mirror, it seems to help.

When flossing, it helps to start at one end of the mouth and go to the other, that way you don’t lose track of what teeth are done.

Remember, your goal is to floss your teeth, not your gums.

Don’t press the floss in between your teeth too hard, you can cause your gums to bleed and cause some pain (Unless you’re somewhat masochistic, in which case, be my guest).


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