Making Money With Affiliate Programs and Marketing

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  • I wrote this article to tell people about some of the ways to make money online. Dental affiliate programs are very profitable and you can make $40 or more per sale. Read more about affiliate programs.

    See that title? Many of us see that at least once a day online. However, most people get the wrong idea. It sounds like a get rich quick scheme and people use it accordingly.

    The biggest mistake people make is they throw up a website with 100 blinding banners. Set it and forget it might sound good for informercial rotating ovens, but it doesn't work when your trying to create a successful website.

    There are probably millions of dead websites out there where people became an affiliate and quit when they saw nothing in return. But how do you expect to get traffic and income if no one knows about your site?

    The best advice is to choose an affiliate that doesn't have huge competition. It will be hard to get your foot in the door if 10 million other people are advertising the same product. I know of one person who makes a comfortable amount per month as an affiliate for a foot product. Not many would pay attention to it and that left him with a lot of room to advertise without being over taken by similar ads and competition.

    If you want to be an affiliate but don't want the hassle of a website, then consider using a landing page. Some affiliates such as dentalplans give you a free landing page but not many do. A landing page is your own website you can post to search engines, and ad services. It's different because many affiliates give you a link, banner, or buttons to put on your website. But if you don't have a website you have no place to put them. So you get a free web page or free website and use that page to presell that product before showing them the door to actually see and buy the product.

    Now with invention and popularity of ad services the average person can afford like google's adsense, adwords, and yahoo's overture, you can now advertise that page for $5.00 a day and get traffic.

    That's the biggest problem. Traffic. If no one visits your site how can you sell the product? Here are a few tips on gaining traffic.

    Article Writing - Write and submit articles. There are literally hundreds of places that let you submit an article for free. What this does is get you free exposure. Websites, blogs, ezines and many other places see the article and use it, but they usually have to leave your info intact. So you put your website address and soon it's being seen many different places.

    Search Engine Submisssion - While Google and many other places has spiders that crawl new and updated sights, don't forget to submit your site to all the search engines that you can.

    Web Directories - Spoke to a new website creator last week who had no idea what directories are. These are other places that you can submit your websites to. One of the most known is

    Also find sites that are similar to yours and kindly ask the webmaster if they would like to trade links. You will be surprised but there are a few that are willing. Don't trade links with sites that have nothing in common with yours. If you are selling shoes, don't trade with a site that sells porn. Google and other sites don't look favorably on these sites

    Stay away from link and banner farms. They do nothing but send you tons of emails a day. Even though they promise lots of traffic to your website, that rarely happens, and when it does, it's traffic from a popup window that came up on someones website. Think of how often you pay attention to popup ads and now think of how others will react to your popup on their screen. Popups long ago stopped being effective and everyday more and more popup blockers and killers are born. So it's rare if someone even sees your popup before it's quickly killed.

    Many of these link farms and banner exchanges are free, and that goes to say that you get exactly what you pay for and that is absolutely nothing.

    Bottom line there are many great articles and free ebooks out there. Do some research before jumping onto the affiliate bandwagon, it could save you a lot of headaches in the future.