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  • Given the escalating expenses of dental treatment, it makes sense for the people to get coverage under dental insurance. Dental insurance falls under two categories, group dental insurance and individual dental insurance. Before discussing these two categories, it is important for people to realize that there is a world of difference between the terms dental insurance and health insurance.

    Health insurance covers medical diseases and is designed to cover the costs of diagnosing and treating diseases that are in most cases non-preventive by nature. So, apart from treatment, major costs can involve visits to specialists, multiple tests, hospitalization, and medication.

    But this is not the case with dental insurance. Dental insurance is relatively cheaper and aims at preventive care. This is because dental diseases can be prevented by regular care, routine check-ups, and oral cleanings.

    Moreover, high quality tests are rarely required and diagnostic treatment does not require more than an x-ray at the most. Also, specialists are rarely required for routine dental problems. All said, dental insurance plans are designed to encourage patients to keep their teeth in good condition to avoid dental problems of a larger scale.

    In light of the above information, people can now focus on group individual plans and individual dental plans. Group plans are provided by many employers and may also cover the employees' families. People who have group coverage have no need to buy individual dental plans.

    In case someone doesn’t have group coverage, it is important to buy individual plans to keep medical bills in check. Dental plans generally involve coverage for regular check-ups and oral cleanings and these help to keep dental problems at bay.

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